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    want to become a mod? here is how


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    want to become a mod? here is how Empty want to become a mod? here is how

    Post  jasonah93 on Sat May 30, 2009 3:53 am

    -be one of the 5 top posters (it will change when we get more people)
    -have over 100 reitsu
    -be active in the fourms
    -have decent posts
    - easy to get along with and dosent argue all the time
    -over 5 shinigami rep

    if you have 3 of these then you can request to become a mod.
    if you become a mod later i might have certain mods do certain things Very Happy

    Mod lv2
    = be one of the top 3 posters
    -have over 300 reitsu
    - be active in the fourms
    -have decent (not annoying) posts
    -easy to get along with
    -over 7 shinigami rep
    if 4 or more of these apply then u might be able to become a mod

    it will become harder and harder to become a mod as things go on i will add more qualifications ect.

    once you think you have the qualifications, go into the specific position tab. post that u want to become a mod. post the qualifications above that apply to u. post y u want to become a mod and post other qualifications you have. then we will look it over and decide on if u are qualified

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