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    neone play bleach games on da pc?


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    neone play bleach games on da pc? Empty neone play bleach games on da pc?

    Post  jasonah93 on Sat May 30, 2009 3:57 am

    does neone play mmorpg for bleach online? i know a few but i got bored of them so i guess ill post the ones i remember
    a website that is a bleach game. sign up and pick 3 characters. you go into battle with other people that pick 3 characters. you pick from 4(or 5 i forget) different moves to fight the oponent. each person has a minute turn. when its ur turn u get some reitsu to do an attack. you can do missions in the game by beating certin characters with certain characters in different battles in a row, ect. i found it kinda fun at first

    they also have a naruto one called which was out first XD

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